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If you are looking for some consultation, tips, suggestions and advice on gates, take a look here below. You will find some very interesting ideas on ways to take care of gate problems and also ways to avoid them. Check them out! They are simple, short and helpful! They will explain how deal with issues efficiently

Inspect your gate frequently

The more you inspect your gate, the safer you will feel using it. You don't actually have to do much. Just devote a few minutes once every month to check the control box of your residential gate opener and perhaps clean it up. The most important thing you should do is to test that the sensors work correctly. Gate Repair Mission Viejo also recommends checking the posts, track, wheels and swing gate hinges.

Driveway gates should have pedestrian doors

Even if you live in a single family house and you have control of which cars travel through your driveway, it's wise to install a pedestrian gate. People often make the mistake of coming in and going out by slightly opening the gate, but you should keep in mind that the safety sensors of driveway gate openers are designed to sense vehicles and not people. It's the best way to avoid accidents.

Check if your swing gate hinges have a grease joint

Most hinges designed for gates have such a joint. It looks like a small hole with a plug. It is typically found on the lower section of the hinge and is centrally positioned. The grease joint is an important feature to have. It makes greasing hinges easier and more effective too. When it comes to hinge replacement, you should ensure that the new components come with this feature.

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