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Do you have questions about hinge welding, gate maintenance and maintenance procedures? Find the answers you have been looking for right here. Below you will find a few answers to frequently asked questions related to gates. They are all simply put and will be more than helpful

Wondering if you are about to buy the right gate and would prefer to get some answers to several of your questions first? All you have to do is to check out the frequently asked questions here below. You will surely have your questions answered

Why does the opener make a humming sound?

One explanation for this issue is that there's a problem with the gate motor. Check if it's overheated. It can happen as our experts say and you should let it rest for a few minutes before you give it another go. It might not be an opener problem though and you only hear the humming sound because the operator works, but something keeps the gate from moving. Make sure the chain is not broken and check the sliding gate wheels and track.

What should I know before getting a new gate?

Choose a new gate after measuring your property. Check if there are slopes. Make sure the new gate will be wide enough to fit your property and for your car to pass through. Invest in cost-effective materials, which are resistant to elements and get powerful residential gate openers without forgetting to take into consideration the weight of the gate. Whether you'll also get a gate intercom system is up to you, but it can be very helpful.

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