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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our testimonial page contains reviews from past customers who wish to share their experience with our company. We have posted them so you can get a better feel on the kind of service that you would receive if you hire us. Read through their feedbacks below.

Read through the feedback from our satisfied customers and see why they are happy with the service we provided

Fixed the rolling gate chain

“I couldn't tell what could be wrong with our gate, but then again I have limited knowledge of such systems. I only knew it was time for me to call Gate Repair Mission Viejo and have the tech figure it out. He was here an hour later – that never happened before with any other gate company I ever worked with. He explained that it was imperative to check why my gate wouldn't move. Awesome! Anyway, he had to repair the chain. It had come off and had to be adjusted. The problem was fixed and he had the kindness to check the sensors and make sure the gate moved alright. I was more than pleased with the gate service!”

Happy with new gate installation

“I turned to your company the minute I decided to get a new gate. I heard of your services because a friend told me how pleased he was, and I didn't know any other gate companies anyway. This was my very first system and thanks to the help of the staff, I got what I wanted and I am very pleased with the way it works. I also enjoyed the technician, who came over to install it. He was enthusiastic, told me several things about residential gate openers and the reverse system, and showed me how to check it out. Awesome work!”

Perfect New Gate Installation

"After comparing a considerable number of quotes, I chose this company for my residential gate installation project. I had no clue what to look for in such a unit, but I got full assistance from these specialists. They explained all technical details and guided me to making the right choice. I got the best steel gate with their help. I was impressed with how quickly the installation job was done. The posts, panels and hardware were fitted in no time. The technician applied weather-resistant paint to the structural components and applied lubricant to the moving metal ones. So far, the system has been working perfectly. I really want to thank Gate Repair Mission Viejo for the excellent work and for all the support."

Realigned the Gate

I thought my stepson was trying to get out of trash duty when he started complaining about the side gate not closing all the way. Last week I got tired of his complaining and took the trash out myself. The gate was so poorly aligned that I had to put all of my weight into it! The next day my best friend suggested Gate Repair Mission Viejo and I called them that afternoon. To my relief they came out in less than an hour and aligned my gate. It closes so smoothly now and slides right into place! Thank you!


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